Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Connecting Hearts, Inc.

is a nonprofit adoption and humanitarian agency
licensed by the State of Wyoming. We endeavor to build
strong families by providing comprehensive child placement
services to families living anywhere in Wyoming. We are
committed to finding adoptive families for orphaned
and abandoned children and to providing aid to children in need.
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Adoption Services

Available to Wyoming Residents: 

  • Statewide Domestic Home Studies

    Connecting Hearts has social workers who are able to conduct home studies in all areas of Wyoming.  We will complete home studies for your family even if you are not a client of our program. We complete home studies for private adoptions and also for embryo adoptions.

    It is your responsibility to provide us with the home study requirements of your chosen, contracted agency. (In some areas there are travel and board expenses.)

    Home Study Contract
    Home Study Update Contract
    Home Study Checklist

    Home Study Safety Checklist

  • Statewide Post Adoption and Post Placement Reports

    Our social workers cover the entire state of Wyoming for home visits and post adoption/ post placement reports for our clients and those of other agencies. Reports are provided to the family, as well as archived in our files. (In some areas there are travel and board expenses.) 

    Post Adoption Report Contract
    Post Placement Report Contract


  • Adoption Consultation

    Connecting Hearts has a
    staff of capable, experienced and licensed individuals ready to discuss adoption topics with you. We offer free phone consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs.

  • Adoption Case Management

    Connecting Hearts provides security and guidance in the unfamiliar world of adoption.  References are available upon request.

    Adoption application 

  • Child Placement

    Connecting Hearts, a licensed child-placing agency in the state of Wyoming, also works with child placing agencies and internet listings of available children in other states to help you find a child that is right for your family.

    Questionnaire for Matching Service
    General information for adopting families
    Things to do while waiting to adopt - ideas from our clients

  • Family Profile Preparation Services

    We will help you prepare all the documents and photos that a birth mother considers when placing her child. This includes providing guidelines on what is necessary, phone and email consultations, expert editing of your narrative and photo editing.

  • Family Counseling

    Connecting Hearts’ social workers are licensed, experienced family counselors. They work with families all over the state of Wyoming. 

  • Costs of Domestic Adoption 

    Costs vary depending on individual circumstances including travel expenses, birth mother support, and various other factors. Your adoption fee schedule will be personalized and itemized

    Funding Your Adoption - benefits, loans, grants, fundraising

Wyoming Services
Anywhere in Wyoming:
Domestic Home Studies
Post Adoption Reports
Post Placement Reports
Adoption Consultation
Adoption Case Management
Family Profile Preparation Services
Child Placement
Family Counseling