An Important Decision


An unplanned pregnancy can lead to many important decisions.  We understand adoption is not the right answer for everyone, but is a wonderful option for many.  We want to help you consider your best options with information, support, and resources.   We have licensed social workers ready to talk to you about resources available to you, regardless of your decision.  Our goal is to support families to provide the best care and home for their children.


Questions about Placing a Child for Adoption?

What is the time frame for signing my permission for the adoption?
What are my rights after signing permission for my child to be adopted?
Can adoptive families provide financial assistance birth parents?
What are the laws pertaining to birth fathers?
When does an adoption become final?
Do I get to choose the family I place with?
What if I am unsure?

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Want to Know More?

Contact us!  We are happy to help you with whatever questions you might have.  Adoption can be intimidating and we are happy to serve as a resource to your family.